Hey guys I hope everyone is home and safe. We are now providing select free content on our iOS and android apps to help promote our fans to stay home and stop the spread of COVID19. I want to extend a money making opportunity to you. I am creating personalize PSA to post to social media. 


What I need from you….


  1. Create a Video with your phone recording landscape (horizontal) reading the following script:


Hey guys Signal 23 TV is trying to keep you in the house and help stop the spread of COVID19 so guess what we are giving you guys exclusive free content. That’s right FREE Content. Head over to www.signal23tv.com to download either our iOS or Android app. This content is only free on our mobile apps. And get this there even a contest to  win $1,000 dollars! Thats right 1,000 dollars. Henderson is paying you to stay home! 

All that info is available on the website just click on Quarantine and Chill on www.signal23tv.com 

Help us fight COVID 19.  Stay home and Quarantine and Chill with me and Signal 23 TV! Stay home guys this is real! 



  1. Send the video to me at 678-468-2918 or via dropbox to mr23atl@gmail.com 



  1. I’ll edit your video and send it back to you by the end of the week. 



  1. Post the video to your IG, Facebook, and Twitter Account with this caption at one of the designated times which will be provided with your edited video. 


Signal 23 TV is taking a stand against the spread of COVID 19! We invite you to stay home and Quarantine and Chill with Signal 23 TV.   @signal23television and Director @mr23atl are providing select free content on our mobile apps.  Visit www.signal23tv.com to download one of our mobile apps for your chance to win $1000 dollars. #series #movies #firstepisodes #signal23tv #QuarantineandChill #winbig @signal23tv 



How much do I earn?


$200- Followers more than 800k

$100- Followers more than 500k 

$75 - Followers more than 100k 

$50- Followers more than 50k

$25- Anything under 49k 


These numbers go by your largest following. You can not add up numbers across all three platforms lol. 


I’ll see the post after you tag the appropriate tags. 


Payments will be paid after posting during the upcoming payroll. Post must remain up for the duration of April at least.